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Welcome Brothers!

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Welcome Brothers!

Post  MarryLouw on Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:21 pm

I am MarryLouw, boss of the Jus Cogens Crew.
I have created Jus Cogens along with Fuzinato and Driff. And now we have realized that the in-game chat is not good for gaming.
So we, along with Mr. Deuce, have decided to create a forum.
We have sent PMs to some active players, such as Charlie Sheen, Fuzzy, Bob, and a few other top ranked players.
The idea here is to discuss "in-game" matters. We are the Barzini Family, and we can stand well on our own.
We dont want to associate with any other family, all we seek is to have over 50% of the territory, and rule this game.
Only active players and Barzini members will be allowed. Any questions, PM me in-game or here.

Thanks to everyone who has joined, and a special thanks to those who have helped us create this forum, such as Mr. Deuce and Don Reaper.

Marry Louw


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